A few words about me / Пару слов обо мне

I’m a searching artist. Well, mostly the first part. I love arts, enjoy photography, and admire fashion. I also do some writing, although that one goes better with inspirations all around.

Photography makes me feel happy and warm. I have to take pictures all the time, just to feel like the time goes by purposefully. Here, I will post mostly my works, sometimes, mixing it up with works of others that struck me.

I also will try not to rumble on for way too long, since it’s a  photography blog. ramble


Я – ищущий художник. Хотя сокрее ищущий, чем художник. Я люблю искусство, наслаждаюсь фотографией, и восхищаюсь модой. Я также немного пишу, но пишу я лучше, если с вдохновлением.

Фотография заставляет меня ощущать счастье и тепло. Я должна фотографировать постоянно, просто чтобы чувствовать целенаправленность своего времени.

Здесь я буду публиковать в основном мои работы, иногда разбавляя их работами других людей, которые поразили меня.

Я также постараюсь не нудеть очень много, так как это всё-таки фотоблог.

6 thoughts

  1. Hi! I am really thrilled about having chanced upon your blog. So far, so good ;) Not only do you take nice photographs, but you also write very well! You might just be what we’d like to feature in our website. give me a shout if you’re interested. or give me your contact info. :)

  2. I am very excited that you like my blog. I can write but need to learn to make better photographs. I look forward to seeing yours.

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