New series – introduction “Storm”

IMG_2239 smallI am working on a new, ambitious series “Double Exposure” (working title) in which I am exploring the psychology of imagery. By overlaying multiple images, the photos in the series develop into psychological portraits. The results have will have a wealth of visual communication, an abundance of details as painting or music. It captures the essence of the moment, reveal interesting details and provoke questions.

Portrait photography always aims to show mood, personality and social context of the person being photographed. I strived to extract and depict who the subjects of my image really are. The desire was to reveal the psychological aspects, to draw forth and represent them.

However, I invite the viewers to be present in the photo, in that moment, encouraging them to experience, sometimes voyeuristically, the qualities of the personality. The compilation balances on telling the viewer what to see, describing the emotion and the personality experienced, but also invites personal interpretation and experience. The images will be printed relatively large to captivate viewers with details. It’s up to them to explain what it is captured on the photograph. My hope is that viewers will let the photograph take them to familiar or far places, to intimate memories, or let the photograph to speak on the language of bare senses.

I plan on exhibiting photos as an exhibition in a prime art spot as a part of Denver Month of Photography. The images also will be published in print.


Huge window in which storm is raging, gusty wind is throwing raindrops in glass, piteously howling in high-pitches. She is very tired and confused. She has some major problems which she should take on. It seems like earth and sky have merged and drowned in the universal chaos of water and wind. She is scared, but her look, her posture demonstrate the braveness of character. She powers the chaos that nature threw on her. She will solve the chaos and continue her way.  Her body, still agile, produces separate releases of lightning, of strength.

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