Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside my work

shine and reach

I want to invite you inside my perceptions and experiences. Who knows what you’ll find there. Interestingly enough, you might float away from my perceptions and find an abundance of yours. Just let go, I won’t tell you what to see. Look yourself. Experience my new series “Expose” from your point of view.

I wanted to portray these people in a moment of emotion or sensation, show some aspects of their personality and bring these characteristics forward in my images. However, I won’t tell how to react to this work. I’ll leave it up to the viewer, because in my work, there is no right or wrong answer. I invite the viewers to be present in the photo, in that moment, encouraging them to experience, sometimes voyeuristic, the qualities of the personality. I strive to create an imaginary where we are all left to our own subjective experiences, where we can relax and let the feelings flow. My hope is that viewers will let the photograph take them to familiar or imaginary places, to intimate memories, or let the photograph to speak on the language of bare senses.

If you like my series and find them fascinating, please support my exhibition on Kiskstarter, which will launch in the next week or two.

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